ALL STAR SUPERMAN Issue #9, Page 3: Lois & Clark, Earth's New Heroes (Frank Quitely)


Artist(s): Frank Quitely, Penciller
  Grant Morrison, Writer
Media Type: Pencil
Art Type: Interior Page
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Added to Site: 2/23/2017

ALL STAR SUPERMAN (2007) by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely. Issue #7, Page 3: Earth's New Champions. Graphite on board. Signed by Grant Morrison. 11" x 17" $3,000. This might be the only available page from All-Star Superman, and one of only a very few Frank Quitely published pages on the market. Superman is not an easy character to write. He is basically an invulnerable boy scout, and there are few things less interesting than perfect people who can’t be hurt. How do you make Superman interesting again? You hire Grant Morrison. Grant Morrison had an epiphany outside the San Diego Comicon. He saw a fan dressed like Superman perched with one knee drawn up, and with his chin resting on his arms in a pose of pure relaxation. He realized that this is how Superman would sit, not with his chest puffed and his elbows bent with his fists on his hips. “If nothing can hurt you, you can afford to be cool,” and so Morrison rushed back to his hotel room and filled dozens of notebook pages with drawings and ideas. Six years later, DC was ready to hand the Man of Steel over to Morrison and the artist of his choice. Grant chose frequent collaborator Frank Quitely to restore Superman to his “pre-eminent place as the greatest superhero of all.” And that’s just exactly what they did. All-Star Superman is like a love letter written by God to comic fans all ages. It is a timeless work that channels absolutely every creative team that has contributed to the storied history of the Last Son of Krypton, but with all those elements boiled down to the bare essentials. It is tragic, nostalgic, heroic and hip. It’s a twelve issue reward for fandom, and after reading it, you’ll love Superman but discover the bittersweet truth that nothing will ever be better than this. If Watchmen was the final word on costumed heroes, All-Star Superman is the silence before the resurrection and a genuine miracle in its own right. All-Star Superman won the Eagle Award in 2007 for Favourite Colour Comic Book: American, after winning Favourite Writer, Favourite New Comic Book, and Roll of Honour Award for Grant Morrison in 2006. It won the Harvey Awards for Best Artist and Best Single Issue, and three Eisner Awards for Best New Series (2006), and Best Continuing Series (2007 & 2009). This page has all the elements that let you know this is a Morrison/Quitely collaboration: 1) nobody draws Lois Lane like Frank Quitely; 2) the “Earth’s New Champions” headline featuring the Kryptonians is unique to Morrison; 3) the deco architecture of the Daily Planet building harkens back to the skyscraper era that erected the Chrystler and Empire State Buildings, very much symbols of the New York City (Metropolis) skyline when Action Comics #1 was first published; and 4) Clark Kent’s robust physique, which no reasonable person could mistake for anyone else but Superman, despite all of his oafish compensation. It’s a beautiful story page, with multiple panels rendered by one of the medium’s best artists for which both creators won multiple awards. Frank Quitely's Lois Lane is one of the best marriages of artist and character since Dave Stevens drew Bettie Page into his Rocketeer comic thirty years ago.


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